Design/Build Process


Our design team works directly with clients to identify and integrate their design ideas, dreams, and objectives.  We have direct involvement in the implementation process, which helps ensure a successful project is completed, and built to our high standards.

1) Initial Meeting: We will meet with you at your home to introduce ourselves and help understand your design ideas, dreams, and objectives.  After we have a personal comprehension of the scope of your project, we will discuss timelines and the cost of the design.  Upon agreement, we take measurements of your land and architecture, to develop a base plan of existing conditions. One half of the design fee is paid.  Deposit on Design is Non-Refundable.

2) Concept & Design Development:  Through the use of site analysis, perspectives, sections, and concept sketches we will thoughtfully develop a design for your project. 

3) Presentation:  We will meet with you at your home to present and walk through every aspect of the plan with you.  Our beautiful designs are hand-drafted, fully rendered drawings.  We also include a fully detailed proposal for the implementation of our design.  Design fees include one round of revisions for design plans.

4) Schedule:  When Earth Landscape installs your landscape we waive the second half of your design fee.  Together, we will schedule your project so there is an understanding of timeline and progression.  A thirty percent deposit is paid.

5) Build:  We take great pride in our work, and with strict attention to detail, your design is realized.  If you require a change during the construction process, a cost or credit is agreed upon and confirmed, in writing, prior to the change take place.


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